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Commercial Service

Commercial Service

  Rate Structure                                      

Schedule PS/SC - Public Buildings and Small Commercial

Customer Charge: $22.00 per month
Energy Charge:  
  Summer (Apr-Nov) all kWh 6.374 ¢ per kWh
  Winter (Dec-Mar) all kWh       6.074 ¢ per kWh
PCRF Adjustment per kWh for Energy Sold: per Schedule PCRF
Minimum Monthly Charge: $22.00 + $1.00 per kVa over 10kVa installed transformer capacity

Download Detailed Small Commercial Rate Sheet (pdf)


Schedule LP-2 - Large Power Service (50 KW Minimum)

Customer Charge: $40.00 per month
  Demand Charge:  
  All kW of Billing Demand       $5.25 per kWh
Energy Charge:  
  Energy Charge 3.604 ¢ per kWh


Plus an adjustment per KWh of energy sold per Schedule PCRF


Download Detailed Large Power Rate Sheet (pdf)

  Security Lighting                        


Lamp Size Rate kWh
400 Watt Mercury Vapor $ 16.60 167
250 Watt High Pressure Sodium $ 16.60 104

  Construction Specifications      






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