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Forms and Downloads


 Large Power Service Rate (LP-2)
 PCRF formula
 Public Build and Small Comm Rate
 Residential Rate_2017


 Agreement for Electric Service
 Application for Membership
 Director Candidate Certificate of Eligibility
 Establishing New Service Checklist
 Right of Way Easement Form

Distributed Generation (Member Owned Generation: Solar, Wind, Generator, etc)

 Agreement for Interconnection of Generation - Rev 1 0
 Distributive Generation (Member Owned Generation) Frequently Asked Questions_8-31-2020
 Generation Metering Diagram Rev 2
 Generation Tariff Effective 3-24-2015

Construction Specs

 BCEC-GEN, Generator Transfer Switch
 BCEC-M1, Mast Overhead Service
 BCEC-M2, Gable or Wall Mount Meter Loop for Overhead Service
 BCEC-M3, Underground Service on House
 BCEC-M4, Underground Meter Pedestal
 BCEC-M5, Temporary Meter Pole
 BCEC-M6, Permanent Meter Pole
 BCEC-M7, Member Installed Service Pole
 BCEC-M8, Underground Temporary Meter Pole
 Bowie-Cass Transformer Pad
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