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Report an Outage: 877-707-2232
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Member Policies

 01_Membership Requirements
 02_Payment of Electric Energy Charge
 03_Capital Credits
 04_Meter Base
 05_Meter Testing
 06_Wiring and Wiring Inspection
 07_Line Extension
 08_Refusal of Service
 09_Discontinuance of Service
 10_Applicant Deposit rev.0619
 11_Electric Service Fee Schedule
 12_Service Area Lighting
 13_Access To Members Premises
 14_Meter Tampering
 15_Customer Relations
 16_Member Requests for Cooperative Information
 17_Switchover Tariff
 18_Member Owned Gererating Facilities
 19_Extensions For Past Due Accounts
 20_Insufficient Funds-Cash Only Policy
 21_How To Manage Your Prepaid Account
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