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Residential Electric Services and Rates

Rate Structure

Customer Charge: $22.50 per month

Energy Charge:
Summer (Mar-Dec) all kWh
6.484 ¢ per kWh
Winter (Jan-Feb) all kWh
: 5.184 ¢ per kWh

PCRF Adjustment per kWh for Energy Sold. (Currently 8.0 cents per kWh)

Monthly Charge: $22.50 + $1.00 per kVa over 10kVa installed transformer capacity

Download Detailed Residential Rate Sheet (pdf)

Security Lighting

175 Watt Mercury Vapor - $10.00 (73 kWh)

400 Watt Mercury Vapor - $17.00 (167 kWh)

100 Watt High Pressure Sodium - $10.00 (42 kWh)

250 Watt High Pressure Sodium - $17.00 (104 kWh)

48 Watt LED (#8) - $10.00 (21 kWh)

Download Detailed Residential Security Lighting Rate Sheet (pdf)

Construction Specifications

(Click on link to download and print specifications.) 

Overhead Mast Service Installation (BCEC-M1)

Pedestal Underground Meter Loop (BCEC-M4)

Member Installed Service Pole   (BCEC-M7)

Gable or Wall Mount Installation (BCEC-M2)

Temporary Overhead Meter Pole (BCEC-M5)

Temporary Underground Meter Pole (BCEC-M8)

Underground Meter Loop Installation (BCEC-M3)

Permanent Overhead Meter Pole (BCEC-M6)

Generator Transfer Switch Connection (BCEC-200 Amp) 

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