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Understanding My Bill

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Your monthly electric bill is full of useful information about your account and can help you understand your energy use and charges. Here are some things to look for:

1.Account info - Meter number, account number, and other important information, all in one place.

2.Energy Charges - The energy (kWh) used by your household within the service date range for that bill cycle, billed at the seasonal base rate*, plus the Customer Service fee of $22.50. BCEC meters accurately record the kilowatt-hours used with a register that counts in ascending order. Your actual usage is calculated by subtracting your official reading before your last bill (a)  from your most recent reading (b) to get the total kWh used (c), multiplying by the base rate*, plus the Customer Service fee.

*Base energy rate is $0.05184 in Jan & Feb, $0.0648 the remainder of the year. For more Rate, Security Light, and Fee information see Residential Electric Service and Commercial Electric Service. 

3.Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) - Power is purchased by your cooperative at a wholesale price before being distributed to members. Because the cooperative bills a set rate for energy depending on time of year (see above), the PCRF fluctuates to cover the current cost  the Cooperative is actually paying to purchase wholesale power. This is always a pass-through charge, the member is charged the same rate as the cost charged the Cooperative, power is not marked up.

4. Security light - Any security lighting is listed here. Security light usage is listed to help calculate the P.C.R.F. of the security light.

5. Total Amount Due - This is the total amount due for the current billing cycle added to any past due balance.

6.Usage graphs and info - Handy chart showing the past year of usage, as well as daily fluctuations and outside temps for the past 2 months.

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